Gabriela's words: "My passion for EXI(S)T goes beyond choreographing movement. It comes from a deep desire as an immigrant to share stories of people who have no options but to creatively adapt to their circumstances.

I am interested in how the characters move in their everyday life and how these mannerisms become part of their identity. My intention is to translate into dance the experience of a community of different cultures that share a common need: their wish for freedom and the right to exist. "

Directed and produced by Marina Montesanti 

Choreographer: Gabriela Burdsall 


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The Project - a live art performance,  an exhibition of archives, videos,

costumes, and a documentary - is inspired by the works (1983-2000) of Lorna Burdsall. The project is led by Gabriela Burdsall, a dance artist and granddaughter of Lorna. Over the past years, she has been collecting and organizing all the materials. 

The project will bring forward female stories that intertwine the histories of American and Cuban Modern and Contemporary Dance through the re-construction of Lorna’s most relevant works.

Lorna was an American dancer who emigrated to Cuba in the late fifties. She became a key figure in the development of Modern Dance on the island. Lorna was also a dance teacher that educated many generations of Cuban artists. During the last period of her artistic career, she started in the 80s ASÍ SOMOS (THE WAY WE ARE), a performance group with which she created original multidisciplinary works that introduced a new language in live arts in Cuba.

The project wants to contribute to the visibility of female stories in art. It is a story that moves around the subjects of migration.

Gabriela and Lorna , Bohemia Magazine. January 19, 1990